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The Goju Kai Edgwater Dojo

Many thanks to the coaching staff who willingly gave their time during the year. Sempai Warren Stephens, Patrick Beaumont-Fay  and  Glen Irwin who came on board as kumite (fighting) coach. A special thanks to Ben Williams san who attended most sessions in a coaching role, although he  was unable to train due to injury. There were good grading results all round, with most students achieving the goals they had set for themselves earlier in the year. 

In the sports development tournaments competition, our students excelled with Siahn Davies, Stella Anthony and Megan Foster going up a grade to 3rd Kyu placing first in Kata. Xavier Anthony won gold in kumite and placed in kata.

The highlight of the year was Patrick Beaumont-Fay and Daniel Strasser-Kirchweger achieving Shodan. They made us all very proud and their bunkai particularly on grading night was of a very high standard.    

Congratulations to Sempai Sasha Harvey in receiving her 30 year commemorative award for services to the art of Goju Ryu Karate

 Looking to the future we have a lot to be excited about and encourage all students to shoot for the stars upholding the high standards both in and outside the dojo.

The Edgewater dojo was established in 2009 after the Craigie dojo was closed due to the  redevelopment of the Craigie Senior High School site. The Craigie dojo was run by Shihan Peter May for more than 10 years along with other dojo in Girawheen, Wanneroo and Merriwa.

The dojo was, and still is, known for a fun approach to the learning process. The inclusive and  community approach most importantly teaches all students respect, self confidence, fitness and patience, therefore producing confident and quality students.

The move to Mater Dei College Edgewater saw a long standing student of Shihan Peter May, Brian Davidson, take on the role of continuing the tradition of Goju Kai Karate  in the area. Brian has been a student of the Goju Kai art for 35 years, an AKF accredited coach, and is assisted by AKF accredited black belt coaches Warren Stephens and Patrick Beaumont- Fay.

Over the years the club has been ably supported by Shihan Craig Soley 4 times World Karate Champion and tournament champion Sean Carey.

In 2018 black belt Glen Irwin joined the coaching staff as specialist kumite (fighting) coach and certainly raised the fighting abilities of all student.

We are looking forward to an exciting year in 2019, with a view to improving in all aspects of training. We encourage new member to join us and enjoy the benefits Goju Kai Karate has to offer.

Shihan Peter May

Founder of the Craigie and Edgewater Dojo                        

Peter May Shihan 5th Dan Black Belt. One of the first students of the Academy and a student of Nagai Sensei, Peter for many years assisted in instructing at the hombu dojo in Perth.

His dojo in Edgewater has a number of black belts from the ‘old days’ who continue in his tradition  at Edgewater.

His students have excellent technique and many have succeeded in representing Western Australia in National and International competition.

Peter an accredited National Coach has represented Australia in Kata and Bunkai

Shihan Craig Soley

5th Dan and Mentor coach to the coaching staff at the Edgewater Dojo. See the world champions profile in the Karate Masters section

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