About Us

Goju Kai Karate Edgewater is a family-friendly martial arts dojo that is part of the Brian Mackie’s Karate school of dojo’s. The Brian Mackie Karate brand has a long history having operated in Metropolitan Perth and wider Western Australia for over 50 years.

The early years (Craigie Dojo)

The Edgewater dojo was established in 2009 after the relocation of the Craigie dojo, due to the redevelopment of Craigie Senior High School. For over 10 years; Shihan Peter May ran the Craigie dojo along with the Girawheen, Wanneroo and Merriwa dojo’s.

Shihan Peter May

5th Dan Renshi

Re-establishing in Edgewater

The move to Mater Dei College in Edgewater saw a long-standing student of Shihan Peter May, Brian Davidson, take on the role of continuing the tradition of Goju Kai Karate in the area. Brian has been a student of the Goju Kai art for 37 years, an AKF accredited coach.

Over the years the club has been ably supported by Shihan Craig Soley 4 times World Karate Champion, tournament champion Sean Carey, as well as Sempai (One’s Senior) Sasha, Mitch, Jim, Lawrence and Kathy.

Shihan Craig Soley

5th Dan Renshi

Training today at Edgewater

The Edgewater dojo is currently assisted by AKF accredited black belt coaches Warren Stephens (25 years experience) and Patrick Beaumont-Fay (20 years experience). In 2018 black belt Glen Irwin (20 years experience) joined the coaching ranks as specialist kumite (fighting) coach and has certainly raised the fighting abilities of all students. Fellow black belt Daniel Strasser-Kirchweger (15 years experience) rounds out the dojo Sempai ranks, taking training drills during senior classes. Kohai Matthew rounds out the instructors with his much-appreciated assistance during junior classes.

The Edgewater dojo was, and still is, known for a fun approach yet disciplined approach to the learning process and Goju Kai Syllabus. The inclusive and community approach most importantly teaches all students respect, self-confidence, fitness and patience, therefore producing confident and quality students.

The dojo prides itself on ensuring all students comprehensive and intricately learn all areas of the Goju Kai Syllabus. This includes Kihon (Basics), Kihon-Ido (Basic Movement), Kata (patterns), Bunkai (applied patterns/techniques) and various forms of Kumite (sparring/fighting). As a result, Edgewater Gojukai students become well rounded Karate-ka (students).